Welcome to the SCOTTIE RESCUE site of The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater NY

You have reached the Rescue page for The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York, Inc., aka "STCGNY." STCGNY is a nonprofit organization made up of people who live in NY, NJ, or PA, who admire, love, own and care for Scottish Terriers. 

If you want to ADOPT or RE-HOME a Scottie, you're in the right place.

STCGNY proudly offers relief to dogs who are Scottie Rescues.

A Scottie Rescue is a dog who has been previously owned, but whose owner can no longer keep him or her.

Dogs are are brought to us for a variety of reasons and they come to us from many sources. Whatever their specific histories might be, these dogs are in need of a good home, quality care, and love.

IF YOU NEED TO RE-HOME A SCOTTIE, we hope you will trust us with your Scottie instead of bringing them to a shelter or giving them away to someone who may not have experience with the Scottie breed or temperament.

FOR IMMEDIATE HELP for a Scottie in need of foster care or rescue, please call 973-361-6790 or REACH OUT at this Facebook page, with Facebook messenger.

TO ADOPT: If your heart has a place that only a Scottie can fill, one of STCGNY Scottie Rescues just might be the perfect companion for you!

We are eager to hear from people who can provide a loving home to a Scottie. Please CLICK HERE to learn about our ADOPTION process.

STCGNY is a an approved partner in The New Hope Program, NYC's ACC’s proactive community initiative aimed at finding homes for New York City’s homeless animal population, especially those that require specialized medical care or behavior training.

STCGNY members are active advocates for Scottish Terriers, and the club holds dog health, safety, management, grooming, training information and social events throughout the year. We also operate a Scottie rescue, with more than 25 years of success stories to tell.

If you haven't ever thought about joining a club of Scottie enthusiasts, WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU JOIN OUR CLUB! TO JOIN CLICK HERE now!