How To Adopt One of Our Scotties

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When a dog comes into the STCGNY rescue program, several steps must be performed before the dog is made available to go to a new home.

The dogs are washed and groomed so they will look their best! Their diet is evaluated and improved if necessary. They see our veterinarians and are examined to evaluate their health. They are brought up to date on vaccines. Tests are performed to make sure they are free of parasites, heartworm and Lyme disease. Further testing and treatment is provided if necessary or indicated. Before placement, each dog is spayed or neutered if age and health permit. Each dog’s temperament and needs are evaluated in order to make the best choice we can for both the dog and the future adopter.

Like most rescue organizations, we require a home visit, in addition to vet and personal reference checks to ensure our rescues are happy and comfortable for the remainder of their lives.

We work hard to make the perfect and forever match for what each individual Scottie needs with one of our prescreened applicants.

Scottish Terrier Club of Greaater NY rescues go on to very happy lives

Follow These Steps To Adopt A Scottie!

The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York Rescue adopts to applicants who reside in the northeast United States of America. Prospective adopters complete the screening process prior to meeting the dog they hope to adopt. No one may take a dog home until the screening process has been completed and their application has been approved by the rescue committee. Your cooperation with each of the following steps will speed up the process!

Our adoption process consists of:

  • completing our application documents, beginning with the online form on this page.
  • We continue with phone interviews, and completion of additional application documents.
  • This is followed by reference checks on prospective adopters, using references you provide.
  • Finally, a home visit is scheduled to see where the dog would be living.
  • Currently the adoption fee is $350, but for older dogs or those needing continuing medical care, we use a sliding scale for fees, as we understand the adopter will have additional expenses.
  • Copies of all the medical records acquired while Scotties are with our Rescue, as well as any we are able to get from their past history, are provided at adoption time. You will be asked to sign a meet and greet form before meeting any dog, and an adoption contract is required to be signed before you adopt.

If you can provide a loving home to a Scottie who needs a second chance, we hope you will consider coming to us! Additionally, we encourage you to consider volunteering to help us support, transport, foster and care for Scotties in transition. Please let us know if you are interested in joining our team! Email:

Please donate now to help us rescue Scottish Terriers
You may also donate by sending a check payable to STCGNY, with a memo "For Rescue" to: Mr. Richard Cerny, 94 Frogtown Rd.,
Rockaway, NJ 07866

STCGNY is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation. IRS laws have recently changed, so your tax professional will have to advise you how best to use charitable deductions.

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Complete This Form To Start The Adoption Application Process

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Who will be the legal owner of the dog?
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We must know Names, species, breed, gender, neuter status, and age of any animals on your property
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Complete history of your dog ownership.
Your history with Scottish Terriers.
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The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater NY Rescue Director is Erica Cerny

Erica Cerny
STCGNY Rescue Coordinator

Diane Durkee is STCGNY Rescue Long Island Coordinator
Diane Durkee
STCGNY Rescue Long Island Coordinator

Julie Tedeschi, STCGNY Rescue Shoppe Coordinator
Julie Tedeschi
STCGNY Rescue Shoppe Coordinator

Please donate now to help us rescue Scottish Terriers