New Rabies Vaccines Research: Protection is Significantly longer than 3 years

The Rabies Challenge Fund research study Now Available to Public

Rabies vaccines confer longer immunity than previously known

In a recent newsletter, Dr. Jean Dodds reports the following:
The Rabies Challenge Fund research study shows that duration of immunity after rabies vaccination in dogs is significantly longer than the 3 years basis which had become the standard assumption for laws in the USA.

"The goal of the fund was to extend mandated rabies booster intervals to 5 or 7 years and help reduce the risk of vaccine-associated adverse events.

"The Rabies Challenge Fund trials have confirmed that rabies vaccine may induce a duration of immunity well beyond 3 years in dogs. These data serve as a foundation meriting further studies to: i) license a rabies vaccine with a vaccination interval of 5 to 6 years, which would enable States to incorporate extended booster intervals into their rabies laws/regulations; ii) develop and license a recombinant, non-adjuvanted rabies booster vaccine for dogs; and iii) establish a protective serum rabies titer standard for dogs. In addition, these data support the dual goals of better and safer rabies vaccination of pet dogs as well as improved public health security.

The Rabies Challenge Fund's research study has been made available in entirety to the public. Click here to read it!

This information is provided by Dr. Jean Dodds,who would like to thank her Rabies Challenge Fund partners -- Kris Christine and Dr. Ronald Schultz -- for their commitment, passion and dedication to the study.  Posted by Dana Johnston.