Opportunity for Earth Dog/ Barn Hunt Fun at Marge Rosa’s

Scottish Terrier puppy meets rath he will learn to detect STCTNY member Marge Rosa writes, "As I mentioned on the zoom call this afternoon, I have a rat, earthdog practice tunnels, and Barnhunt rat tubes. In addition to the possibility of taking them to an outdoor meeting, I also do practice sessions here at home. These are free to anyone with an earthdog breed who can get here. You just need to bring crate(s) and water for your dog(s), and maybe a chair for yourself. We can do everything from "this is a rat" through senior earthdog. Sessions are open ended, depending on what the dogs need. I do ask folks to hang around for my dogs to run, and to help put the tunnels away. We can start after the glacier in the back yard has melted.
If you are interested, please give me your name and email, and I will add you to the list of folks I notify about the practice sessions.
Happy hunting,
Marge Rosa"