Hoping for His Happy Ever After: Biscotti

Biscotti the Scottish Terrier is available for adoption from STCGNY Scottie Rescue


Biscotti – 10 year old Biscotti came to us from a shelter in PA several months ago, when they became concerned that they wouldn’t be able to find him a good home. Biscotti had been terribly neglected and was in horrendous shape. Between the shelter and STCGNY Scottie Rescue, he has received all the vet care he needed, and has been making great progress while being in foster. He’s still scared to death with being restrained for any reason, so he will stay in foster as long as it takes to improve in those areas. A new owner will need to be able to get him groomed and to the vet, so we want to make sure he will be able to tolerate that once he leaves us. He’s very happy in his foster home, enjoys playing and snuggling with the other dogs and is becoming more affectionate all the time. We hope one day he will be someone’s one and only and get all the attention he deserves.

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