First Anniversary Mini- Auction for Ye Old STCGNY Rescue Shoppe A Success!!

Scottish Terrier Club of Greater NY Rescue has successful fundraising mini auction art Facebook shop

Ye Olde STCGNY Rescue Shoppe, the online Facebook group that raises funds for the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York's rescue operations, celebrated one year in operation this past October, 2019 with its first ever Mini-Auction.

Thanks to the generosity of donors from the New England area, NY/NJ, & Georgia, we had great Scottie "merch" to sell, to help with the expenses  of a sudden,  recent large influx of new rescues.

41 items were auctioned, and older shop items were sold in the 4-day long auction, bringing in some much needed revenue which goes towards the vet bills and housing costs of our busy rescue group. Ye Olde STCGNY Rescue Shoppe is open all year round! Stop in any time!

Special thanks goes to our West Coast team member, Brandy Daniel, as well as our NY Area team - Diane Durkee, Holly St.Pierre-Johns, Donna St.Pierre, Erica Cerny & Julie Tedeschi.  Items were shipped to Massachusetts, NY, Washington DC, Delaware, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, California & Australia!!  Future mini-auctions will be based on need and appropriate donations. It’s all about the rescues. AArrooooo!